VxL Training Division

Industry leading training that combines experience with the science of learning.

Turn-key training solutions with an acute focus on elevating performance to the highest possible level:


  • Academically accredited security, tactical, and medical training.
  • State of the art training facilities, both CONUS and OCONUS, with extensive throughput capabilities and immersive training environments.
  • Fully immersive, continual reinforcement based training paradigm maximizes performance.
  • Dedicated, full time training cadre led by professional educators who are also experienced operators – all VxL instructor staff routinely operate within the full scope of their areas of expertise to maintain proficiency and relevance.
  • Training analyzed and continually improved via scientifically developed objective performance metrics.
    Protective security, firearms training, explosives training, guard training, sniper / DDM training, tactical medical training, supervisory and management training, and others provided on an uninterrupted, ongoing basis throughout the world.